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Our Instrumentation division has provided quality installations for project types including:

Water Treatment Facilities

Wastewater Treatment Facilities

High Service Pump Stations

Raw Water Pump Stations & Intake Structures

Fired Heater Plant

Boilers and Fuel Lines

Turbine Performance Test

Wellhead Control Facilities


Distributed Control and SCADA Systems

PIARAZ Company provides a complete spectrum of distributed control systems to suit the customer's unique application. Our capabilities span control systems from a single PLC or logic control with remote alarms to networked Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) or industrial Distributed Control Systems (DCS). We provide several levels of project involvement including:

Distributed Control Systems Design Layout

Equipment Procurement

New Installation

Retrofit Installation

Customer Training

PIARAZ Company integrates the complete Distributed Control System or Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system including instrumentation I/O development, network communication, control room and workstation layout, graphic operator and engineering screen generation, and peripherals including data logging, trending, alarm reporting, and system operational status. Some of our DCS and SCADA service capabilities include:

System I/O Assignment

System Equipment, Hardware and Software

Development and Purchase

Network Communications

Control Room and Workstation Layout and Purchase

Operator and Engineering Graphic Screen Generation

Complete System Programming


Start-up and Commissioning

PIARAZ Company provides experience in fiber optic, Ethernet, and many manufactures’ local area networks allowing the flexibility to provide a system uniquely suited to the customer. Our construction division brings forth the expertise to install a full range of communication system and properly connect varied types of fiber and electrical cable.


Whether the customer provides the design or simply a performance specification, PIARAZ Company will meet the project requirements. Some of our instrumentation services include:

Instrument Index

Instrument Data Sheets

Instrument Hook-up Drawings

Instrument Set-point Schedule

Instrument Bulk MTO

Process Control Philosophy

Control Valve Sizing

F&G Layouts

Instrument data sheet development per ISA or Customer requirements

Instrument Hard Wired I/O Schedule

Junction Box Schedule

Junction Box Wiring Diagram

DCS/IPS Termination Diagram

Instrument Loop Diagrams

Instrument Installation and Calibration

Loop Testing


Technical Services

PIARAZ Company offers the customer a wide range of technical services in addition to our electrical and instrumentation construction capabilities. Whether the customer needs a single instrument installed or a long term service agreement to maintain the system operation, PIARAZ Company is available to provide the level of service to meet the customer's needs. Some of our technical services include:

Instrument Calibration and Certification

Control System Troubleshooting, Diagnosis and Repair

Control System Maintenance Contracts

Control System Software Development and Support

Customer Training Classes

Control Panels

PIARAZ Company provides full service design, fabrication and installation of industrial grade, quality control panels for the industrial, water & wastewater industries. Control panels are custom designed and manufactured to meet eh client's control requirements with maintenance and ease of operation in mind. Our experienced I&C staff is proactive with the client to provide the best control panel solutions. Several of the control panel types include:

Instrument Panels with Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)

Motor Control Panels

Low Voltage Control Panels

Explosive Area Control Panels

Corrosive Area Control Panels

Our professional staff integrates manufacturing with superior service. Several of our control panel services include:

Engineering/Technical Assistance

Layout Design

Fabrication Drawings and Material Lists to meet Client Requirements

Installation and Interconnection with the Existing or New Control Systems

Record Drawings