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Smart Factories

The merging of the virtual and the physical worlds through cyber-physical systems and the resulting fusion of technical processes and business processes are leading the way to a new industrial age best defined by the Industrie 4.0 project's "smart factory" concept. The deployment of cyber-physical systems in production systems gives birth to the "smart factory." Smart factory products, resources and processes are characterized by cyber-physical systems; providing significant real-time quality, time, resource, and cost advantages in comparison with classic production systems. The smart factory is designed according to sustainable and service-oriented business practices. These insist upon adaptability, flexibility, self-adaptability and learning characteristics, fault tolerance, and risk management. High levels of automation come as standard in the smart factory - this being made possible by a flexible network of cyber-physical system-based production systems which, to a large extent, automatically oversee production processes. Flexible production systems which are able to respond in almost real-time conditions allow in-house production processes to be radically optimized. Production advantages are not limited solely to one-off production conditions, but can also be optimized according to a global network of adaptive and self-organizing production units belonging to more than one operator. This represents a production revolution in terms of both innovation and cost and time savings and the creation of a "bottom-up" production value creation model whose networking capacity creates new and more market opportunities. Smart factory production brings with it numerous advantages over conventional manufacture and production. These include:

  • CPS-optimized production processes: smart factory "units" are able to determine and identify their field(s) of activity, configuration options and production conditions as well as communicate independently and wirelessly with other units
  • Optimized individual customer product manufacturing via intelligent compilation of ideal production system which factors account product properties, costs, logistics, security, reliability, time, and sustainability considerations
  • Resource efficient production
  • Tailored adjustments to the human workforce so that the machine adapts to the human work cycle