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Industrial Instrumentation 3P

PIARAZ employs a large number of highly skilled and experienced specialists executing turn-key Industrial Automation projects throughout the world wide. The company has established an excellent reputation in the market and operates from Cooperation in Georgia, Turkey, Dubai, Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan.

The PIARAZ Industrial Automation business began more than ten years ago and since that time has significantly grown both organically and through the acquisition of leading integrators within the region. Today, PIARAZ is a market leading independent system integrator which ensures that our customers receive the best solution for their specific needs and requirements.

Our engineered solutions are delivered utilizing products from leading international manufacturers which are combined with our professional engineering services. Services carried out by highly trained and experienced engineers who are led by qualified Project Managers. PIARAZ engineers have diverse backgrounds, disciplines and skills giving them and us a unique level of knowledge and experience to meet and fulfil customer requirements.

PIARAZ has earned an excellent reputation for providing world class solutions at competitive prices. Achieved by working closely with our customers to ensure their requirements and expectations are clearly understood, that the best technologies are utilized and that the desired results are delivered through creative, trained and highly competent people. Our reputation is a key to our success so you can be assured, when you utilize the services of any PIARAZ company, which you will receive the value you expect with the service you demand.